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Gettysburg College students should develop proficiency in the skills of writing, reading, speaking, and utilizing electronic media. Further, students should be able to articulate questions clearly, identify and gain access to appropriate information, construct cogent arguments, and engage in intellectual and artistic expression.

(a). Write effectively and intelligently to a range of purposes in the English language (e.g., informing, persuading, advancing an argument, expressing, creating, etc.);

(b). Read with understanding a wide range of texts in the four domains of the curriculum - humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences;

(c). Secure with proper citation, evaluate critically, and use effectively relevant information for problem-solving and presentation of ideas, issues, and arguments;

(d). Speak effectively to a purpose before an audience;

(e). Demonstrate effective listening skills;

(f). Demonstrate skill in using electronic media generally appropriate to contemporary academic and professional workplaces;

(g). Produce scholarly or creative works that effectively employ the communication conventions and means of the major field.