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 What do I have to do to complete the requirements for the Integrative Thinking Goal?

There are two kinds of requirements currently associated with the Integrative Thinking Goal:

  • Two Interdisciplinary Courses OR a Course Cluster with integrative experience
  • Capstone experience in (each) major

 What is a Course Cluster?

Through the Course Cluster option students have the opportunity to show the connections they are making about what they are learning without taking additional course work.  Students choose a topic or theme addressed in two courses taken from different subject areas or disciplines. While enrolled in one of the courses, in consultation with their instructor, the student develops the ideas for this paper or project which link the current course to a topic studied in a previously taken course. The student then submits the signed Cluster Proposal Form to the Registrar. The student who successfully completes the paper or project will receive a satisfactory (S) grade for IDS 90, showing this requirement for the Integrative Thinking Goal has been met.


What do I have to do to propose a Cluster for the Integrative Thinking Goal?



Must the two courses for a Cluster be from different departments?

The Guidelines say any two subject areas or disciplines because some Programs and some Departments in themselves have instructors and courses representing different disciplines. So there may be cases in which the 2 courses come from the same department or program but still represent different disciplines. While departments often represent one discipline, they can also represent more than one.


Who determines whether it is acceptable to use two courses offered in the same Department or Program for the Course Cluster option? 

The faculty member who will assess the proposed integrative experience makes this determination.

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