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Gettysburg College students should develop skills, understandings, appreciations, and moral dispositions that enable them to be committed members of and contribute meaningfully to their local, national, and global communities.

(a).  Demonstrate at least intermediate level proficiency in the ability to read and write a foreign language and to speak it (in non-Classical languages) in social contexts;

(b). Demonstrate an understanding of the social history and culture related to the selected foreign language, including significant contemporary issues;

(c). Demonstrate an understanding of a Non-Western culture, including salient differences from the West;

(d). Demonstrate an understanding of some element of diversity within the culture of the United States, OR, demonstrate an understanding of a significant concept related to diversity (such as race, gender, cultural identity, etc.);

(e). Produce work that effectively recognizes the relevance of cultures other than that of mainstream U.S. culture;

(f). Produce work that demonstrates an analysis of methodology, historical context, and/or social ramifications of some aspect of natural science or technology.