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What is the Gettysburg Curriculum?

The Gettysburg Curriculum - an outline (PDF)

The chart in the above link outlines the Gettysburg Curriculum. The top row of boxes gives an explanation of each of the 4 main curricular goals; the bottom row of boxes lists the requirements currently associated with each goal.


What are the Goals of the Gettysburg Curriculum?

The degree requirements of the Gettysburg College Curriculum are guided by an overarching aim based on four main learning goals:


How do the individual requirements relate to the four Goals of the Gettysburg Curriculum?

The requirements for earning a degree at Gettysburg College are guided by four main learning Goals. These Goals represent those broad areas of learning, skills, and ways of being in the world that the College believes are fundamental to your becoming a liberally educated person. The College has requirements as a way of making sure you begin to address intentionally and directly each of the Goals.

Each of the individual requirements is associated with one of these four Goals as a particular focus, but each goal is always bigger than a particular requirement, and the requirements can enhance your progress toward meeting any of the goals. For example, completing the First-Year Writing course requirement is just one small step on the way to the Effective Communication Goal and will form a foundation for developing your communication skills in any number of successive courses. Even after you complete the basic requirements for each of the Goals, you should think about your progress toward the broader aspirations the Goals represent. Throughout your career at Gettysburg you should make curricular and co-curricular choices guided by these Goals and your continuing progress toward truly achieving them. In short, "requirements" are not courses to "get out of the way." They are an integral part of your education and first steps toward becoming a liberally educated person. 


How does my major relate to the Curricular Goals?

Completing a major is one of the requirements you must meet to earn your degree. Remember, except for students pursuing special degree programs in the Conservatory of Music, your degree -the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science-is not "in" the particular field you chose as your major. The knowledge and skills you learn through the in-depth study your major provides also enhance your progress toward the Curricular Goals.

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