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What information is available to me through the Student Center?

Through the Student Center you have access to a wide variety of academic, financial and personal information, and you will use various tools to register for classes and communicate with faculty and advisors. Here is a partial list of some of the academic information you can find in the Student Center:

Courses: you can search for open courses, see the pre-requisites for courses, search for courses by the kinds of requirements they meet or by time of day, etc.

Registration: you can enroll in courses and put courses on your Wish List for future semesters

Academic Requirements: provides up-to-date degree and major/minor audit

Unofficial Transcript

Course History: lists courses completed with grades by semester

Language Placement Results

Transfer Credit Report

Course Schedule

Final Exam Schedule

And more!


How do I know what requirements for my major, minor, and the curriculum I have already met and what I still must complete?

This information is on your Academic Requirements report available to you in the Student Center. Go to the Student Center and select "Academic Requirements" from the drop-down menu on the left side. Under each kind of requirement, e.g., Multiple Inquiries or your major, you will see each of the requirements and the courses which meet them: courses completed already (with the grade earned) and courses in progress. Under each kind of requirements you will see the notation "Requirement Not Satisfied" if you have not yet completed that category of requirement.


How do I find out which courses meet requirements for Gettysburg Curriculum Goals?

You can find out which courses meet curricular requirements in two ways:

  • In the Student Center, select the Search tab-Search for Classes-and use the Course Attribute and Attribute Value menus to find courses meeting requirements and offered in a particular semester. (You set the semester you wish to search.) LINK TO STUDENT CENTER
  • Check the Registrar's web page for the particular course to see if it is listed under one (or more) of the Goal headings. Courses Fulfilling the Gettysburg Curriculum


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