Fall PLA Budget Request Form


INSTRUCTIONS: For more detailed information please refer to the information contained in the CALL FOR PEER LEARNING ASSOCIATES memo from Dean Rickert.


1)   Individual instructors requesting PLAs for courses with one section or First-Year Seminars should use a Request Form for each course.

2)   Chairs or Department PLA Coordinators may use a single Request Form for the following:

  • a course with multiple sections: Example: Spanish 101 sections A&B
  • a group of courses with shared PLAs: Examples: Span 101, A,B; Span 103 A-E, and Span 104, A-D
  • departmental requests for "at-large" tutors available as needed for any course in the department

3)   Be sure to complete the entire form and click submit at the bottom of the screen.

4)   Send PLA names now if you know them but do not delay sending the form if you do not. 


FORMULA FOR REQUESTING FUNDS: hours per week X $7.25 (per hour rate) X 14 weeks


GDF: Group Discussion Facilitator (outside classroom)

SGF: Small Group Facilitator (inside classroom)

DI: Drop-in help (e.g., regularly scheduled 'office' hours)

TUT: One-on-one tutor

PRS: Practice/Review Session (outside of classroom)

O: Other (please explain below)


Fall 2015

(*) denotes required information.

* Full Name:

* E-mail:

* Department:

Course Name(s), Number(s) and Section(s):

Total hours per week for this request:

Total amount of PLA funds for this request (example 208):

PLA Name(s) (separated by commas):

Please check ALL that apply:

Please explain briefly how the Peer Learning Associate's duties relate to the course's/courses' goals.  If you are pasting text from Word, please paste as plain text.

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the Peer Learning Associate's involvement in the course(s)?  If you are pasting text from Word, please paste as plain text.

Please answer or update the results of your assessment. What did you expect to accomplish by having the help of a Peer Learning Associate? Were your expectations met? How do you know?  If you are pasting text from Word, please paste as plain text.