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An overview of The Gettysburg Cabinet Exhibition. Photo by Felicia Else.

Project Space
November 16 - December 8, 2012
Reception: November 16, 4-5 p.m.

Wonders of nature and artifice are brought together in this most unusual exhibition, The Gettysburg Cabinet. Students have curated this special show as part of a new course team-taught by professors from Biology and Art History, Kay Etheridge and Felicia Else. This exhibition recreates the Curiosity Cabinets and Chambers of Wonders from the days of the Renaissance but with items from Gettysburg College's own rich and diverse holdings. Extraordinary objects have been selected from Special Collections, Schmucker Art Gallery, the Biology Department and other resources across campus, representing different branches of academic learning. The exhibition reveals the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, reflecting a time when art and science intermingled. The exhibition is supported in part by the Johnson Center for Creative Teaching and Learning, Gettysburg College.