Summer Research Fellowships

X-Sig Summer ResearchFellowships to support Gettysburg students in summer research in a STEM discipline are available by competitive application to the X-SIG (Cross-disciplinary Science Institute at Gettysburg) Board.

Students majoring in a STEM discipline (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Studies, Health Sciences, Mathematics, or Computer Science) and working on a natural or physical science project are eligible to apply. For summer 2016, at least 34 fellows will be supported.

Deadlines for Summer 2016:

  • Student Application due to Faculty sponsors and X-SIG: March 4
  • Faculty sponsor letters of support due to X-SIG: March 11
  • Notification of selection: March 18
  • Acceptance by students: March 25

Students receiving stipends from the X-SIG Board can conduct full-time research for up to ten weeks during the summer under the guidance of a faculty member.  Fellowships for shorter or longer (max 11 weeks) duration will be considered if appropriate. Special consideration will be given to:

  • Interdisciplinary projects – projects that are mentored by two faculty from different departments, or proposed by students doing interdisciplinary research. Make sure you name both mentors.
  • Early career students and students from groups underrepresented in their major’s field (minority students and first generation college students in any major, women in chemistry, physics, mathematics or computer sciences).
  • In addition, up to two fellowships can be awarded to students who have just graduated. For 2015, these will have low funding priority.

Fellowship conditions and obligations

Students will be paid $10.50/hr for 40 hrs per week for the length of their fellowship. Housing is provided at no additional fee.

Students are expected to attend weekly meetings as part of our summer HHMI program and encouraged to attend other HHMI sponsored events.

Students are expected to present a poster at Family Weekend.

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