Creative Teaching Grants & Fellowships

The Johnson Center for Creative Teaching offers five types of financial support for creative teaching projects.

Since 2001, JCCTL has awarded Creative Teaching Summer Fellowships, Creative Teaching Small Grants, JCCTL Technology Grants, Departmental/Program Funding Grants, and the Johnson Information Literacy Grant.

Applications are reviewed by the Advisory Board. The board expects to award a small number of grants in each category each year. Applications should be submitted as email attachments to

These grants are designed to support faculty members' efforts to utilize creative teaching in their courses. That is, they are intended to support innovative methods of teaching, rather than the teaching of new content per se.

Applications from all disciplines are encouraged. Suitable projects may include - but are not limited to - the incorporation of new techniques, such as service-learning or various types of instructional or digital technology, into existing (or new) courses. Other projects funded in the past have approached topics in a more interdisciplinary fashion (involving team-teaching by members of different departments) or developed new in-class activities. In addition, some projects have taken a broader approach involving research about teaching-related topics that affect a variety of courses. In sum, the key in applying for a fellowship or grant is to demonstrate that the project involves creative teaching.

With each of these programs, one optional budget item involves employing a student assistant. Please note that student assistants must be paid according to College guidelines. As of July 1, 2009, students must be paid $7.25 per hour. If a student brings unusual expertise or a very high level of skill to the project, he or she may be paid $8.15 per hour.

It is expected that those who receive a fellowship or grant will submit a written report at the conclusion of their project and be willing to make one or more presentations about their work in appropriate on-campus venues.