Johnson Creative Teaching Technology Assistance Program

This program is designed for labor-intensive teaching projects that require IT support for technologies beyond the current capabilities of a professor. Grant awards will give a faculty member access to dedicated time with an instructional technology specialist and up to $1000 for expenses, which may include supplies, software, or student worker wages. Projects have included the development of web-based 3-D models for teaching biochemistry, a self-paced tutorial covering basic language skills, and the development of an interactive map to model population shifts over time.  Prior to submission, applicants must discuss projects with the instructional technology specialist of IT.  Applications are considered on a rolling basis as long as funds are available.  Future applications for all JCCTL awards will be contingent upon submission of reports for previous funding. 


Johnson Creative Teaching Technology Assistance Program grant recipient


Cassie Hays, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Cassie received funding for her course, Power, Politics, and New Media which challenges students to interrogate the role and power of new media in the formation of national identities, global assemblages, international information flows, legal structures, and social change.  The students are asked to confront traditional research methods by conducting what might be called a Twitter ethnography.