JCCTL Teaching Materials - Syllabi

JCCTL has collected a variety of syllabi for your benefit.  Please respect the confidentiality of these documents.


Division I - Arts and Humanities                                                             

Travel Writing, Tourism and Culture
in China
Jing Li

CHN 101
Beginning Chinese
Junjie Luo

CLA 235
The Celts: Ancient and Modern
Benjamin Luley

ENG 242
Down the Rabbit Hole: The Golden
Age of Children's Literature
Suzanne Flynn

FREN 341
Ailleurs: Du Tourisme Et Du
Voyage Au XIXeme Siecle
Caroline Ferraris-Besso

GER 102
Elementary German
Henning Wrage

HIST 204
History of the Modern British Isles
Bill Bowman

HIST 262
Modern Latin American History
Barbara Sommer

MUS 210
Musicology I: Western Art Music
Marta Robertson

PHIL 101
Introduction to Philosophy
Lisa Portmess

PHIL 315
From Aristotle to Einstein:
Philosophical Revolutions in
the History of Space
Steve Gimbel

THA 214
Survey of Dramatic Literature
Susan Russell


Division II -Social Sciences and
Interdisciplinary Programs

ANTH 227
Anthropology of Religion 
Matt Amster

Principles of Macroeconomics
Ivanova Reyes

EDUC 332
Cultural Impact of Young
Adult Literature
Divonna Stebick

POL 101
American Government
Kathy Iannello

SOC 101
Introduction to Sociology
Craig Lair

WGS 320
Practicum in Theory and
Collective Action
Nathalie Lebon


Division III - Natural Sciences,
Computer Science, and Mathematics

AST 101
Ryan Johnson

BIO 110
Introduction to Molecules, Genes,
and Cells - Ryan Kearney

CS 201
Mathematics for Computer Science
Clif Presser

ES 211
Principles of Ecology
Wendy Dow Piniak

HS 232A
Statistics for Health Sciences
Josef Brandauer

HS 322A
Global Healthy
Amy Dailey

MATH 103
Mathematical Ideas
Linda Fiscus

PHY 103
Elementary Physics
Kurt Andresen

PHY 324
Experiments in Quantum Physics
Sharon Stephenson

PSY 205A
Introduction to Statistics
Dan McCall


First-Year Seminars


Cryptography: The Science
of Secrecy
Darren Glass

FYS 105-2A
Bubonic plague, avian flu,
and zombies: pandemics
past, present, future
Amy Dailey

FYS 143-2
Protest Music & Social Change
in the American Experience
David Powell

FYS 103-3
Bringing the Past into the Present
Julia Hendon

FYS 193-2
Cultural Perspectives on the Body
Barbara Sommer

FYS 154-2
Italian American Culture: Faith,
Family, Food, and the Moon
Alan Perry

FYS 144-2
Why Do People Dance?
Marta Robertson