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February 18, 2015

Finding And Evaluating Technology Tools For Your Teaching (DOC)
by Betsy Lavolette, Director of the Language Resource Center and Lecturer, Language Resource Center


September 11, 2014

R-E-S-P-E-C-T!: How Gender, Race, Ethnicity And Age Affect The Classroom Dynamic 
"In The Classroom" Discussion

2014 May Workshop

Cracking The Codes: The System Of Racial Inequity

A workshop and community conversation about the social determinants, internal components and external relationships that underpin racial inequity led by Dr. Shakti Butler, filmmaker and founder of World Trust.

Workshop Materials

 October 4, 2013

Framing Assignments Large and Small
"In the Classroom" Discussion

Discussion Notes - Kerri Odess Harnish
What is the achievement gap organizer - Divonna Stebick
Reform movement organizer - Divonna Stebick
Weekly response guidlines - Jonathan David

Caroline Hartzell, Department of Political Science

Pre test (DOC) and post test (DOC) to assess the impact of service learning

Martha Arterberry, Department of Psychology

After returning a test, she asks students to take out a half sheet of paper and to divide it in half. On the top part, she asks students to indicate the things she (the instructor) could do to help them succeed next time. On the bottom half she asks students to indicate things they (the student) could do to help them succeed next time. No names go on this sheet, but they need an even number of items at the top and bottom.


Helpful Resources

From Gettysburg College's Office of Institutional Analysis

Resources on Assessment of Student Learning
This page contains resources on assessment of student learning in individual academic courses and Majors/Minors.  Topics include Developing a Course Syllabus; Classroom Assessment Techniques; Rubrics; Using Assessment to Enhance Learning and more.

From the Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvard University

Practice teaching sessions that take place before the first day of  class and are videotaped for review individually with an experienced teaching consultant.

Hot Moments in the Classroom 
Strategies for turning explosive classroom situations into learning opportunities.

Self Assessment of Student Papers
Student complete these forms after completing assigned course papers.
Short version | Long version

20 Ways to Make Lectures More Participatory