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Newsletter Fall- 2010
Arabic Language Classes at Gettysburg College

Since the establishment of Arabic self-instructional language program in 2003, arabic phraseGettysburg College has wanted to add Arabic to the list of language offerings. Now, May Saffer , our first real instructor, offers Arabic 101 and 201 in a classroom setting. Professor Saffar uses a unique teaching approach, and the number of students who wanted to take Arabic 101 class indicates that it’s a language Gettysburg students crave.

“Marhaba is the Arabic greeting word for hello,” says May...


Japanese Language Exchange via Blog

Fusing Vygotsky’s social constructivism with Web 2.0 technology blog imagecan create a unique language instruction community.

Professor Takamiya, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, has been utilizing a Blog for her advanced Japanese classes, which allows her students to conduct language exchange exercises with students at Japanese Universities.

In 2000, Web2.0 emerged as a teaching tool, and applications such as Wiki and Blogs have been developed to promote 2.0 communication and collaboration among students inside and outside of classrooms. Many teachers have been using these applications for a variety of language activities, including connecting native speakers of the target language.


LRC - Students and Faculty at Gettysburg College
flat panel TV

The LRC lobby area in Breidenbaugh Hall has a flat panel TV and features a looping slideshow, which provides general information about LRC functions, a list of available software, and student activities conducted in the space.

The slideshow also includes previews for foreign language films available at the library as well as language faculty interviews and students reflecting on their study abroad experiences.

In the interviews, faculty talk about their research interests and students provide an insider’s view of many countries.

These video clips are also available at Gettysburg website (Gettysburg Faculty Series and Study Abroad Video Series).

Google Earth

Google Earth is a free software you can download from Google Earth webpage.  It can be used to support hands-on inquiry by students in computer classrooms, homework assignments, or presentations, among other things.

The website ‘How to teach with Google Earth’ describes how Google Earth can be used in a number of classrooms and provides good practice examples.

An LRC student assistant constructed a sample movie using Google Earth. The video is available at this link.


Websites for language learning:
The following is a list of interesting language learning blogs for students to examine. These blogs can help students reflect on their learning process within a specific target language, as well as ways to think critically on cultural and linguistic differences.

(From top 100 language learning blogs)

language activity and materials Website/Materials

Internet activities for foreign language classes

German grammar materials



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