Language Resource Center
Newsletter Fall- 2011
Getting Started on the Beginning of the Academic Year

I would like to welcome all the faculty to the new semester.
For new faculty, I would also like to welcome you to Gettysburg College and our Language Resource Center (LRC).

The LRC promotes and encourages the integration of technology into your class curriculum and classroom activity.  I look forward to supporting and working with you all in any aspect of the technology integration of your curriculum.  As it is the beginning of the new academic year, I would like you to review the variety of resources available at the Gettysburg LRC website.  Along with the description of the computer room and lab space at LRC, it lists the online resources, manual, newsletter, list of foreign language channels for campus cable TV, and so forth.

The 'Language Material and Resources' page covers the resources for languages offered on campus.  Some materials are used to supplement materials for your language classes.  The submenu page called 'Other resources' covers the materials developed by other institutions and are usually aimed toward self-study. 

The 'Software and Instruction' page contains the list of manuals for basic technology literacy including how to type foreign language characters and how to use the applications previously used for classes by professors and students.

The 'LRC newsletter' page has the list of LRC newsletters issued every semester.  The LRC newsletter consists of the articles describing examples of activity using technology, equipment and facilities in the LRC computer room and lab area, as well as useful websites for language learning.   


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