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Newsletter Spring - 2011
Language Learning Life

The LRC has great student staff members whose language proficiency level is intermediate/advance - Some have studied more than foreign language - and they are all language lovers. Hearing about their passion for learning foreign languages is quite interesting and it may possibly give other students great encouragement and tips of foreign language learning.

So here they are….

Reading narratives of learning foreign languages, it is remarkable to see that they are not only improving their language skills, but also they understand their learning styles, learning habits, and improved the skills to analyze the language, their weakness, and strength. With these skills and levels of awareness, the staff members are able to evaluate their own language performance capabilities and seek to discover the strategies necessary to be a better language learner.

Can reading a successful story for language learning help other students to be better language learners? It definitely encourages them to study more. These stories have the tips that any student can use. Moreover, an important aspect of reading these kinds of stories is that they promote reflection – understanding learning styles, understanding study habits, recognizing their weaknesses and strengths, and discovering what strategies work.

Good language learners are the ones who can reflect, evaluate, and improve their language performance. These three traits are essential for success.

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