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Newsletter Spring - 2012
Using Comic Life software for Basic French class 

Professor Pauline de Tholozany, Visiting Assistant Professor in French, uses the software ‘Comic Life’ in her Basic French class for Digital Storytelling activities aimed toward improving the students’ writing skills.

The project overview calls for students to work as a group to write the dialogues for a comic they create with the Comic Life software. Since it is a group project, the students negotiate together to come up with the script, scenario, and content. After the project is completed, the finalized projects are made available for all the students to read.

Professor de Tholozany emphasizes that the goal of the activity is to learn French in context collaboratively to promote reflective learning for students and to monitor their learning process.

“The goals [of the activity] are … by practicing French in context that students learn… [and] to have students work in groups and use their French outside of class. This enhances peer learning. … These projects have students focus on the process of learning rather than on ‘good’/’bad’ results”, says Pauline.

She has received positive feedback from students on this project: “it was fun and they enjoyed it better than any other writing exercise.” She hopes to make this project more of an entire semester-long project.

Pauline indicates the meaningful technology integration in classroom as follows;

“Technology is a facilitator: it should make learning easier and serve students’ creativity….Speaking/writing in a foreign language are intimidating: it is a foreign world and linguistic/cultural environment. In that sense, a good use of technology is one that makes of the software a language that is immediately intelligible to the student.”

To see the details of the project, please check the website ‘sample activity and assignments’ in Pauline de Tholozany’s Teaching Portfolio.


Pauline de Tholozany’s Teaching Portfolio http://pdetholozany.weebly.com/

Comic Life http://plasq.com/products/comiclife/win


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