The Language Resource Center (LRC) supports and promotes foreign languages, cultures, and literatures within the Gettysburg College community in accordance with Gettysburg College's broad mission to help students to realize their full potential as responsible citizens by cultivating both sensitivity to the human condition and a global awareness.

The LRC primarily supports this mission in the five following ways:

1. The LRC provides leadership and excellence in the application, creation, and dissemination of innovations with respect to information technology, media, facilitation of student development toward global and responsible citizenship, and language learning across the curriculum. To this end, the LRC provides materials for students, faculty members, and staff who use foreign languages in their studies, teaching, research, and daily lives.

2. The LRC endorses and advances faculty and student research into the innovation and assessment of second language pedagogy.

3. The LRC provides a physical space that promotes international exchange and community. This space supports both formal and informal learning opportunities and interactions such as collaborative student activities, lectures, workshops, tutoring, social interaction, and presentations related to the study of languages. 

4. The LRC promotes and enhances the study of languages not taught at the College.

5. The LRC provides a context for students preparing for and returning from study abroad programs.