Summer SLANG program

Gettysburg Summer SLANG program

SLANG stands for “Summer Language Acquisition Network at Gettysburg”, which is the joint program with Language Resource Center (LRC) and the Office of Off-Campus Studies (OCS). The program provides the productive evening and weekend activities for students and faculty members who are working or researching at Gettysburg over the summer. The SLANG program offers opportunities for them to take advantage of non-credit self-instructional language study at LRC over the summer.

The program is aimed toward those who would like to maintain the language competency they studied and who would like to get exposed to new languages over summer. The major goals of the SLANG program are to enhance the intellectual environment at Gettysburg by encouraging the college community members and to offer a special learning opportunity to peer mentors/coordinators who are interested in language acquisition as a field of study.

Please see the detail description of the program in the LRC newsletter article written by ’11 SLANG coordinator Brenda Clark.

If you would like to see what kind of materials and resources are available, visit 'Language Materials and Resources' on the left menu in this website.

2012 SLANG program

If you participated in SLANG this summer, please let us know what you think. Whether you came for any movie nights, stopped in for one study session or ten, we would love to hear from you!

Ice cream social at SLANG

Students enjoying ice cream and foreign word searches at the LRC.

Possible Activities: self-instructional language study, group study, foreign language film viewing, watching international channels on TV, foreign language videos on YouTube, Rosetta Stone, etc.

Announcements: The SLANG program is now closed for the summer, but the LRC is still open for use! Please see the LRC website for more information.