BREI112 Enhanced Classroom 112

The LRC Enhanced Classroom provides the language faculty and students with a flexible space for infusing computer technology into more traditional classroom activities and collaboration. This classroom also lends itself to lessons during which the laptops are used for only a portion of the class. BREI room112 front


  • AV podium
  • 10 laptop computers (additional laptops upon request)
  • tablet chairs (not enough room for books, etc.)
  • flexible classroom arrangement
  • headsets

Optimum Uses

  • Collaboration (2 or more students per laptop)
  • Students do not need to use written materials in addition to the computer - or they can put those materials on a group member's tablet
  • Computers become one aspect of the class period. Laptops can easily be taken out and put away without disrupting the flow of the lesson
  • Integration of multimedia clips into the classroom
  • Providing different information (media, Websites, texts) to different subgroups of students
BREI room 112 back


  • Collaborative projects
  • Group Webquests - where each group performs a separate part of the Webquest
  • Multimedia "posters" to be shared at the end of the class period
  • Radio plays recorded by a small group of students
  • Preparation for role play
  • Group Information Gap
  • Jig Saw activities