London Seminar 2014

Does London win Olympic gold for sustainability? 

An exploration of the UK’s commitment to green energy and the environment.

Led by Professor Rimvydas Baltaduonis
Gettysburg College Department of Economics

2014 is a fitting year for Gettysburg College to focus its September Seminar in London on Energy and Environment as the world will be venturing into the second year of a post-Kyoto Protocol era. It will also be two years after London’s unprecedented campaign for a sustainable Olympic Summer Games (2012). The city aimed to set new standards, creating positive, lasting change for the environment and communities as the organizers stressed sustainability at every single stage of the planning process. A new Energy Centre was built in the west of the Olympic Park to support London 2012’s commitment to use renewable and energy-efficient technology. This plant is one of the site visits in London, as well as the Energy Gallery at the Science Museum, The Core (Eden Project’s Education Resource Centre), Tate Modern, and others. Gettysburg students will explore the aftermath of the Olympic Games and evaluate whether London and the UK achieved their goal of cleaner energy and sustainable post-Olympic transition. The students will be required to investigate the challenges and lessons from the UK’s experience in seeking energy sustainability.


In the modern world, the UK was always at the forefront of the policy debate and innovation in the energy sector. This course will provide a broader view of major energy related issues facing England today and will discuss various policy alternatives being used in the country to address these issues. The UK’s energy sector will be placed in a context of a broader European Union (EU) view on energy policy for a comparative perspective.