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Bachelor of Science Major (HS BS)

I. HS Requirements
_____HS 209 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (with a B- or higher)*
_____HS 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (with a B- or higher)*
_____Capstone Experience (Capstone Internship or HS 460 Independent Research)

II. HS Electives (Choose 4 courses, 2 must have lab. May include up to 2 courses from affiliated off-campus studies programs with approval from HS Department Chair)

_____HS 309 Exercise is Medicine (lab)
_____HS 310 Assessment in the Health Sciences (lab)
_____HS 311 Neuromuscular Physiology (lab)
_____HS 312 Cardiorespiratory Physiology
_____HS 318 Kinesiology (lab)
_____HS 319 Environmental Physiology
_____HS 320 Public Health
_____HS 322 Global Health
_____HS 326 Epidemiology (lab)
_____HS 330 Advanced Nutrition
_____HS 376 Chronic Disease

III. Requirements from Other Departments
_____BIO 110 (General Biology 1)
_____BIO 112 (General Biology 2)
_____BIO 211 Genetics
_____BIO 212 Cell Biology
_____BIO 260 Biostatistics (or HS 232)
_____CHEM 107 (General Chemistry 1)
_____CHEM 108 (General Chemistry 2)
_____CHEM 203 (Organic Chemistry 1)
_____CHEM 204 (Organic Chemistry 2)
_____PHY 103 (General Physics 1)
_____PHY 104 (General Physics 2)

*HS BS majors are required to earn a B- or higher in both HS 209 and HS 210 the first time these courses are taken.

Revised 3/13