Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - Class of 2013 and after

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Effective for the Class of 2013 and after.

Six courses are required for the minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

I.Intro and Theories

_________WGS 120

_________WGS 300


II. Four Core, Cross Listed, or Affiliated Courses, or approved courses of Individualized Study.

________ a _____ at least one core or cross-listed courses above the 100-level that focuses in-depth
________ on the experiences of women outside the United States and Europe OR one core or cross-listed course above

_______the experiences of historically marginalized women
or on the ways that gender intersects with other
_______ forms of inequality or on LGBT and Queer scholarship.

(No more than two courses may be from the category
of affiliated courses.)


Revised 10/11