If you have questions feel free to contact us!

For questions regarding the Sustainability Website, recycling program, or general information regarding sustainability, contact the Recycling Interns at recyclinginterns@gettysburg.edu.

For questions regarding Farmhouse or any of its programs, contact farmhouse@gettysburg.edu.

For questions regarding the Painted Turtle Farm, related educational programming, or the compost program, contact the Painted Turtle Interns at PTF_Coordinators@gettysburg.edu.

For questions regarding G.E.C.O., contact its current President. Information is located on the G.E.C.O. website.

For the past several years students, faculty, and staff have been constructing and compiling articles, projects, and other data pertaining to sustainability at Gettysburg College. These reports range from the College’s water consumption levels over time to sustainability proposals.

Furthermore, issues of campus sustainability have consistently made it to Gettysburg College’s news page.