Dining Services are part of Everblossom Farms Community Supported Agriculture, displaying the College’s commitment to buying local goods.Community Supported Agriculture shares (CSAs) provide a different way for people to connect with their food. In a CSA, individuals typically pledge support to a local farm and farmer which provides them with produce on a weekly basis. In this system, an individual is more connected to their food and farmer and has much more of a stake in the farm.

Local CSAs include the Broad Valley Orchard and Everblossom Farm. To join either one of these CSAs, contact them at the beginning of the growing season and expect lots of yummy produce on a regular basis!

If you're not quite ready for the long-term commitment to a CSA check out the variety of farmer's markets and other locally produced food in town!

Located in the agriculturally rich part of PA, students are able to purchase local food from farmers markets and from local supermarkets.The Gettysburg Farmers' Market
Saturdays, 7AM-12PM
Lincoln Square
Season: April to October

Friday's Farm Fresh Market
Fridays, 9:30AM-2PM
Gettysburg Outlets
Season: May to October

New Oxford Market on the Square
New Oxford (along Route 30)
Saturday 8AM-12PM
Season: May to October

Apple Valley CreameryAdditionally, check out Apple Valley Creamery, a local dairy farm located in East Berlin (about twenty miles Northeast of Gettysburg). They offer products such as milk, ice cream, butter, eggs, beef and much more.

You can also purchase local goods from Giant, Kennie's, and Weis; local foods can usually be found in the produce section and are marked as Pennsylvania grown. Check out the organic food aisles and try to purchase produce that is in season and produced in or near Adams County, PA. Look for foods with the least packaging possible. Remember, you can bring your own canvas shopping bags to supermarkets; Kennie's offers a 5¢ discount for each reusable shopping bag you bring.

For more information concerning local foods in Adams County, check out the Adams County Local Food Resource List