Antietam National Military Park

Francis Butler, Gettysburg Semester ’13, interns at Antietam National Battlefield

This fall I completed an internship at the Antietam National Battlefield with the Library and Archives Division. It was a great opportunity for me to learn how archival work is actually done and learn about the ways in which archivists work to preserve the integrity of historic documents. My duties ranged from refiling documents into acid-free folders to creating an archival system for the Library's Antietam National Cemetery records. Working with Park Historian Ted Alexander and Chief Archivist Stephanie Grey I also had the opportunity to learn much about the history of Antietam, Sharpsburg, and interpretation at Antietam National Battlefield. This internship was definitely a professionally enriching experience and should be considered by anyone who wants to pursue a career in the National Park Service or Public History after graduation.