Ninth Semester Option

Get your Teaching Certificate in the Ninth Semester

Gettysburg College students who would like to obtain a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate but are unable to do so within four years may be able to take advantage of the Education Department's Ninth Semester option. This option for student teaching, which is limited to the first semester following a student's graduation from the College, includes the capstone courses necessary to complete certification requirements. The Ninth Semester option cannot be exercised by December graduates since student teaching is only offered during the fall semester.  The tuition charge for students taking advantage of the Ninth Semester option is about 10% of the annual tuition rate (not including technology fees, Praxis exam fees, state certification fees, meals, and housing). To exercise the Ninth Semester option, students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Completed application to the Teacher Education Program. The application must be submitted to the Education Department by April 1 of the year preceding the Ninth Semester (typically, in the spring semester of the junior year).
  2. Acceptance into the Teacher Education program. Students must meet all published requirements, as specified in the Handbook for Teacher Education.
  3. Graduation from Gettysburg College, with an approved major, the semester before the Education Semester. The Ninth Semester must be contiguous to undergraduate studies at Gettysburg College. The cost/option for Ninth Semester is separate from Special Student Status; it is to be used for the Education Semester only. Ninth Semester coursework is considered post-baccalaureate but is NOT graduate work, as it cannot be counted toward a degree program at Gettysburg College. Students exercising the Ninth Semester option will not have their transcripts altered as a result of participation in the Ninth Semester.
  4. Housing secured by the student. Students are responsible for finding and funding their own housing and meals during the Ninth Semester. It is  recommended that students interested in the Ninth Semester option secure their  housing well in advance of actual enrollment in the Education Semester. Campus housing may be an option depending on availability.

For additional details, or if you have questions, contact your Education Advisor.