Teacher Education Committee

Teacher Education Committee (TEC)

At Gettysburg College we believe that responsibility for the preparation of teachers should be shared by faculty members and departments across campus. The Teacher Education Committee is an ad hoc committee convened each year to determine the eligibility of individual students to participate in the Education Semester and commence with student teaching. The TEC is comprised of each full-time faculty member in the Education Department as well as faculty members from other departments across campus who have been designated as the major advisors for students applying to student teach. Since major advisors are often selected by students themselves, or designated by individual departments, the membership of the Teacher Education Committee changes from year to year.

The primary responsibility of the Teacher Education Committee is to ensure that students have met specific criteria for admission to the Education Semester. After students complete their Education Semester applications, those applications are forwarded to the appropriate TEC members. Faculty members chosen to serve on the Teacher Education Committee are responsible for reviewing the applications and providing the endorsement of the student's major department, so it is expected that TEC members will know student applicants well and will make every reasonable effort to ensure that only those students who have met the rigorous standards for teacher preparation set at Gettysburg College are recommended for admission to the Education Semester. While it is rare for the Teacher Education Committee to meet as a constituted whole, such meetings may be made necessary in extraordinary circumstances. More information on the workings of the Teacher Education Committee can be obtained by contacting the Chair of the Education Department.