Minor in Educational Studies

The Minor in Educational Studies

The Minor in Educational Studies is designed to help students explore education as a social and cultural phenomenon by applying historical, psychological, and philosophical lenses to their investigation of its many iterations and forms. Students completing a minor in Educational Studies are well prepared to pursue teaching in graduate school or through alternative licensure programs after leaving Gettysburg, and are also well prepared to explore other opportunities in the field of education after graduation.

The minor is also designed to engage students in social policy issues related to education and to help students become more informed citizens by developing their understanding of the complexity of education as both a formal process and as a cultural phenomenon. The exact program of study for each minor is designed in consultation with a faculty advisor and includes six courses typically organized around a thematic core.

Guidelines & Requirements for the Minor in Educational Studies

  • An introductory course in education: Education 199 or Education 201
  • Two courses at the advanced (300) level or higher
  • Three additional electives

Also note that one approved course taken off campus may be counted toward the minor, and no more than two courses may be taken at the introductory (100) level. At least four courses must be taken in the Education Department or carry an EDUC prefix.

The Education Project

In addition to the required six courses that all students completing the minor must take, minors are also strongly encouraged to complete a self-designed applied project or research project in education. The Education Department is committed to working closely with the Center for Public Service to help students become immersed in the local community in an effort to make a difference in the lives of local residents, and several courses offered by the faculty of the department include field-based components that allow students to explore any of a number of different ideas and issues in a variety of educational settings. In the past students have been actively involved in local schools, have helped tutor English language learners at El Centro, have volunteered at the local YWCA, and have been involved in other programs on and off campus that have helped them make an impact on the education of kids in the Gettysburg community. These kinds of projects are strongly encouraged, as are more formal research projects, some of which may even be taken for course credit (students should discuss such options with an Education Advisor).

Students who wish to receive course credit for their projects may consider applying for internship or independent study credit. Students are also encouraged to present their research at Celebration or in other such venues. Students completing an Education Project will also be recognized at the department’s Capstone Presentation event.

Program Approval

Courses that are included in the minor program of study must have a substantial focus on education as a formal process or on issues related to education. Each student's program must be approved by the Education Department. To get started, students should visit the Education office in 106 Weidensall, or contact any faculty member in the department. Ultimately each prospective minor will need to obtain a signed green form declaring the minor with the Registrar and will also need to provide his or her Education Advisor with a list of the six courses to be included in your minor. This can be accomplished by completing the form using the link below and meeting with an advisor to review and sign it.

Educational Studies Minor Application Form (Digital Form) submission