Teaching Mathematics

Note: As of Fall 2021, the Education Department will not be accepting new cohorts of students to Teacher Certification Programs housed in the Education Department (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Languages). The Music Education program will continue to offer the BME with certification.

Teach math: the preferred language of thinkers everywhere

Math is often described as a "language," and one that many people simply do not get. Like other languages, it has its own symbols and rules for applying those symbols in systematic ways so they make sense to others. Math does require mastering a certain vocabulary of terms and understanding how formulae can be used to help us make sense of both the abstract and physical world that surrounds us.

But to understand math is to understand something else: it's to know how to think. School math, especially, imposes order on reality in ways that make the world around us more accessible and "real." In the best math classes students are engaged in construction and deconstruction, in problem solving, and in vigorous debate about the social implications of pursuing one seemingly "research-based" public policy choice over another. That's right: math is about more than numbers and variables and formulae; it's about thinking, pure and simple, about applying what we know about how the world works to the practical problems of living with other people. It's about learning how people lie with statistics not so you can learn to lie yourself, but so you can help others see how they are being manipulated by quantitative data. It's about precision.

At Gettysburg College, prospective math teachers complete a rigorous major in Mathematics led by an award-winning faculty of teacher-scholars who take the job of preparing teachers for our children's schools very seriously. The Education Department supplements this rigorous immersion in content with coursework that emphasizes the diversity of student perspectives and experiences present in any classroom and encourages teacher candidates to develop powerful and engaging ways of teaching students about the value of mathematics. Too many kids say they don't enjoy going to math class. We're on a mission to change that.

Getting started

If you have questions about becoming a certified Math teacher at Gettysburg College, contact Kaoru Miyazawa or drop by the Education office on the ground floor of Weidensall for more information.


View the checksheet for certification in secondary Mathematics.

Secondary Mathematics checksheet (PDF)