Off Campus Study

Study off campus as an IA major

First-hand experience of another nation, culture, or part of the world is an asset in any major, but is especially important for someone majoring in International Affairs. More than 85% percent of IA majors study abroad or participate in some other kind of off-campus experience.

In recent years, IA majors have studied at:

  • ARGENTINA-Butler COPA-Mendoza, Argentina
  • AUSTRALIA-Butler University - University of Melbourne
  • AUSTRALIA-Butler at University of Queensland
  • AUSTRALIA-Arcadia at University of Wollongong
  • CHINA-CET Academic Program Abroad
  • COSTA RICA-Butler University, Herida
  • DENMARK-International Studies
  • FRANCE-Institute for American University-Avignon
  • FRANCE-Institute for American University - Aix en Provence
  • GERMANY-Heidelberg College at Heidelberg University
  • GERMANY-Gettysburg in Cologne
  • GREECE-College Year in Athens
  • ITALY-Syracuse University in Florence
  • JAPAN-Kansai Gaidai-Japan
  • MEXICO-University of Guadalajara
  • MEXICO-Universal Language School-Cuernavaca
  • MULTIPLE-Semester at Sea
  • S. AFRICA-Interuniversity Study at Rhodes-South Africa
  • SPAIN-International University Studies
  • UK-Advanced Studies in England
  • UK-Arcadia, London Semester
  • UK-Beaver College - London Semester
  • UK-Gettysburg in Essex
  • USA-American University Washington Semester
  • USA-Drew University United Nations Semester
  • USA-Lutheran College Washington Semester

These experiences add an invaluable dimension to your learning, while also making you more attractive to graduate schools and to employers in the international arena. Information on options for international or domestic off-campus study is available from the Center for Global Education.