International Affairs (IA) is offered only as a dual major; therefore, it must be combined with another major.

International Affairs offers students an opportunity to understand the factors and forces that shape the contemporary scene. The program covers all facets of international relations. Students focus on issues facing the international community, the interdependence of political, social, economic, and environmental factors, and the interactions of states and other actors attempting to achieve their foreign policies or goals.

The program enables students to gain specialization in the multidisciplinary field of international relations while also developing a strong foundation in a second major field. In recent years, students have combined their IA major with majors in Anthropology, Computer Science, Chinese Studies, Economics, Environmental Studies, French, German, History, Japanese Studies, Management, Math, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Spanish. IA majors can also develop a specific regional track, focusing on Latin America, Europe, Africa, or Asia.

Students who graduate with an IA major are well prepared to pursue careers in the international arena, whether they choose to enter the professional world following graduation or go on to graduate school.

Applying to International Affairs
IA is a selective program and students must apply for admission. IA is offered only as a dual major, which means that all students must also choose a second major field before applying. Application must be made to the Chair of the IA program and will be reviewed by the Chair and the IA advisers.

Application Form (PDF)

Minimum Requirements for Acceptance to the IA Major
To be considered for acceptance into the IA program, students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 and a minimum GPA of 3.00 in their other major. Students must maintain the minimum College and department GPA and at least a 3.00 average in the IA courses to remain in the program. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the program; the Chair and advisors have the final say on whether a student will be admitted to IA.

When To Apply
Students are encouraged to apply for IA between the second semester of their first year and the middle of the second semester of their sophomore year. First-year students who are accepted into the program will be assigned a provisional standing until the completion of the spring semester of the first year. At that time the Chair and advisors will review the student’s performance and decide whether or not to grant permanent standing.