Math Problem of the Week

The Math Problem of the Week Contest

Department of Mathematics Gettysburg College

Fall 2021, Number 7


The contest is open to all Gettysburg College students. Up to three people may work together on a submission. Make sure your name is on your submission and that any sources are properly cited.

Weekly winners will receive a POW victory button, and the best-performing students of the semester will receive the Paul Mugabi problem-solving award.

Posted: Friday, October 22

Next Solutions Due: Friday, October 29, 5:00 p.m.

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Suppose that we are looking at the graph of a parabola of the form

y = + bx + c.

We mark three points on the graph: the bottom of the parabola, and the two
points on the parabola that are the same height and exactly one unit part.

Image of a parabola

What is the area of the triangle determined by these three points?