Call for research proposals on racial justice

Motivated by renewed attention to pressing civil rights issues in our country, and in response to recommendations of the Bias Awareness Resource Committee, the Public Policy Program announces a multidisciplinary, community-based research endeavor focused on issues related to racial justice in Gettysburg, Adams County, and the surrounding area.

The Public Policy Program solicits proposals for research projects on issues related to racial justice in Gettysburg, Adams County, and the surrounding area. Proposals are welcome from faculty, staff, and students at Gettysburg College from all disciplines and theoretical perspectives. Research projects should engage the Gettysburg area community in the spirit of community-based learning, with members of the community brought in at the proposal, design, and implementation stage wherever possible. We welcome proposals on a wide variety of topics. Some topics of research suggested by members of the Gettysburg area community include:

  • Problems in the criminal justice system, especially the disparate treatment of people of color
  • Diversity, representation, and education about race in the school system
  • Attitudes toward race among people in the Gettysburg area
  • The historical experience of racial and ethnic groups in the Gettysburg area
  • Political representation and political activism among racial and ethnic groups
  • Environmental racism and environmental justice
  • Economic equality and opportunity, housing, and food security by race and ethnicity
  • Impact of immigration policy on immigrant communities in Adams County

Proposals are welcome from faculty and staff with relevant research interests; by students doing research as part of a capstone experience, other coursework, individual study, or summer research; or teams of students and faculty/staff. Up to ten students submitting successful proposals under supervision of a faculty member will be eligible for a $500 stipend from the Office of Student Scholarly Engagement.

Research should be done in the Spring and/or Summer of 2021. Researchers will have the opportunity to share their results with the College and Gettysburg area community at a conference to be held at Gettysburg College in Fall 2021.

Please send proposals to Diane Brennan ( For fullest consideration, proposals should be submitted by December 6, 2020. Proposals should be no more than five pages in length and must include:

  • A description of the research project, its relevance to issues of racial justice, and its importance to the Gettysburg area community.
  • A discussion of community involvement in the project. Applicants must show that they have consulted with members of the community about the topic to be researched so that the research reflects community interests as well as those of the researcher. Applicants should identify research collaborators from the community, if any.
  • An indication whether the project involves work involving human subjects that requires approval from the Institutional Review Board.
  • A timeline for completion of the project.