Choir Auditions

Choir Auditions

Choir is for everyone, not just conservatory students! Every choir has singers from many different majors and minors. There's a place for you to sing at Gettysburg College!

Auditions will take place through the first few days of classes in February. Normally we would have auditions in person, but COVID-19 calls for online auditions. We've worked to create an online process that is simple and convenient. 

The first thing to do is to become familiar with the choirs so you can know what groups you want to audition for. Here are two useful resources to help you:

  • Choirs webpage, where you can navigate to information about each choir, see the rehearsal times, etc.
  • Questions and Answers about choir, where you can read more detailed information. It's likely that your question will be answered there. 
  • Use this information to decide what choir(s) you're interested in.
  • You may also want to check out our virtual choir project from last spring. Optional, but fun.

Then proceed to the actual audition process, which is in two main parts.

  • Audition Information and Instructions.  This will describe the whole process, and lead you to the audition form itself.
  • The Audition Form. This is where you will give information about yourself, and make three small recordings for your audition. Everything is there on that page.  You'll record right into the webpage and submit your recordings with the form.
    (We did not link to the form from here. The link is from the instructions page above. You must read that first.)

Auditions are due by Wednesday, February 3 by 5:00pm.  Results will be sent by email later than evening, or Thursday morning, February 4. Don't delay! Get it done early!

Even though auditions aren't due until midweek, each choir will meet during the first week of classes.

Those interested in Audeamus and Concert Choir should come to the first meetings (Zoom) of those classes on TU Feb 2 (11:30am - Audeamus) or WE Feb 3 (7:30pm - Concert Choir).

You are welcome to audition for College Choir or Camerata, but spots are quite limited in those groups - you should only attend during the first week if invited to do so. 

If you have further questions or need help, please feel free to contact Dr. Natter at

Most important of all. Don't let COVID-19, or the unusual audition process, or anything else keep you from singing. We all need music more than ever in the era of COVID-19. We welcome you to join this excellent community of musicians and fine human beings.