Choir Auditions

Choir Auditions

Choir is not just for conservatory students! Every choir has singers from many different majors and minors. There's a place for you to sing!

Auditions will take place during Orientation and the first few days of classes. 

For 1st year students: auditions are designed to work around your orientation schedule. You should be able to find an audition time when you're not otherwise scheduled for orientation. 

Here's the audition schedule. All events take place in Schmucker Hall, 2nd floor.  See signs posted with specific locations.
Sign up for an audition appointment (10 min) at Schmucker 212

Saturday, August 24
2:30-5:00pm  Choral Open House - Schmucker 2nd floor lobby
Come meet people and have some cookies.  Auditions available during this time for FY students.

Sunday, August 25
4:00-5:30pm • Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)
7:00-10:00pm • Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)

Monday, August 26
4:00-6:00pm  •  Auditions - Schmucker 210 (sign up at Schmucker 212)
7:30-9:30pm  •  Auditions - Schmucker 210 (sign up at Schmucker 212)

Tuesday, August 27
11:30am-1:00pm  • Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)
4:00-6:00pm  •  Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)

7:30-9:30pmpm • Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)

Wednesday, August 28
4:00-6:00pm  •  Auditions - Schmucker 214 (sign up at Schmucker 212)

Questions and Answers about Choir

Will I have time for choir in college?

YES! College life is busy, but you can tailor your participation to fit your schedule. Concert Choir and Audeamus meet just once a week - almost anyone can handle that time commitment. Other groups meet more often, and you can combine your experiences to fit your commitment level. Singers say that choir provides a welcome change from other kinds of classes, and making music with your friends is very rewarding.

I'm an incoming first year student. What should I think about now for singing in choir?

Plan for it. Figure out which choir(s) you want to be in and SAVE THAT TIME in your class schedule so you can participate. If there is a conflict with another class, often you can find another section of a class or lab that does not conflict with choir. Plan ahead: it is more difficult to switch later on.

College Choir and Camerata are the most competitive groups, and not all first year students get to sing in those ensembles. Save the times for Concert Choir and/or Audeamus as well.

When do the choirs meet?

Save time slots in your class schedule for the choir(s) that you're interested in.
Click on the choir names below to see descriptions of each group.

Rehearsal times are:

How do I sign up for an audition?

Audition sign up sheets will be posted at Schmucker 212 during orientation week. Sign up as soon as possible to get your first choice of time. The audition takes about 10 minutes. Sign up for a time in between all the other things you have to do during orientation.

Who should audition?

Everyone! We want to make sure that you get into the right choir and the right voice part.
Choir is not just for Conservatory students! More than half of the singers in choir are from other majors.

Is auditioning difficult?

It is very easy and friendly, and is tailored for the individual singer. Don't let the prospect of the audition frighten you away!

What happens in the audition?

You do not need to prepare anything, but you should warm up your voice before your audition. You will sing some basic vocal exercises, sing a bit of a song like “My Country ’Tis of Thee,” and sing a simple music-reading exercise (for the more advanced groups). We want to make sure that we get you into the right choir and the right voice part. The audition is very friendly, so don’t worry about it being scary or difficult.

Do I have to audition separately for each group?

Nope. You audition once for all of the groups. Many singers perform in more than one ensemble.

What happens after auditions?

Everyone who auditions will receive email notification about the results. You will receive invitations to join particular choir(s). Once you receive the results you can decide which invitations to accept

How can I get more information?

Visit the choir webpage or email Dr. Natter at