Africana Studies graduates are encouraged to maintain contact and involvement with the program and other alumni throughout graduate school, careers, and beyond. In this way, you can continue to enjoy a lifelong relationship with Gettysburg's Africana Studies Program, its current students, and its ongoing efforts to promote diversity and social justice.

Share any news about you -- a new job, a new address, a new degree, a graduate school acceptance, and/or other life events. You can submit this information to, or use the Update my info form.

Name Year Major Occupation Employer
Mr. Olufemi Adetiba 2005 ECON
Mr. Justin M. Atkinson 2005 PHIL
Mr. Daniel F. Chiteji 2005 SOC
Mr. Eric A. Dyson 2005 ARTS
Ms. Yolanda T. Easley 2005 PSY Cayuga Elementary School
Ms. Laura Hamilton Graham 2005 ECON Logistics Coordinator BDP International
Mr. Justin B. Harrison 2005 MGT Mortgage Banker Chevy Chase Bank & B.F. Saul Mortgage Co.
Mr. Alvincent Hutson, II 2005 POL Graduate Student Howard University School of Law
Ms. Milicent A. Johnson 2005 IND
Ms. Candice J. Joseph 2005 ENG
Ms. Candace M. Lee-Osayande 2005 IND
Ms. Tyecia U. LeSane 2005 POL
Mr. Dominique A. McCreary 2005 MGT
Ms. Anita F. Okoh 2005 BIO Graduate Student Johns Hopkins University
Ms. Stephanie L. Oliver 2005 IND Life Skills Coach Volley Intel
Ms. Cheron A. Walker 2005 HES
Ms. Natasha T. Weston 2005 HES Graduate Student/Nursing Drexel University
Mr. Kenneth Williams, Jr. 2005 MGT Pipefitter RnR Contractors
Mr. Terrance J. Williams 2005 SOC Assistant Director Special People In Northeast, Inc.
Mr. Enoch K. Boateng 2006 CS Contractor SRA International
Ms. Olajumoke I. Carew 2006 SOC
Mr. Michael V. Cuffe, Jr. 2006 MGT Account Coordinator Sony Pictures
Mr. Samuel E. Knight, Jr. 2006 POL
Mr. Peter G. Lall 2006 PHY RKK Engineers
Mr. Michael E. Mack 2006 CHEMS
Ms. Kirryn T. Mahabir 2006 MATH
Ms. Monique L. Mathews 2006 WS Asst. Coordinator of Campus Involvement Rutgers University
Mr. Melissa Miller Montero 2006 SOC
Mr. Nathaniel D. Morgan 2006 ECON
Ms. Brandice J. Murphy 2006 PHIL
Ms. Shannon D. Nowlin 2006 ARTS
Ms. Jenel P. Owens 2006 ENG Social Worker Community Mediation Services, Inc.
Ms. Lauren J. Parker 2006 MGT
Mr. Stanley E. Patterson, III 2006 MGT Computer Support Specialist I Goucher College
Ms. Folashade O. Rodriguez 2006 POL International Organizer Unite Here!
Ms. Varsia C. Russell 2006 HES
Mr. Daniel O. Silva 2006 HSCI
Ms. Alisha S. Turner 2006 HES Physical Therapist Martins Run
Mr. Joshua VanBeverhoudt 2006 HES Neurophysiology Technologist Temple University
Mr. Anton J. White 2006 MGT Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Eli Lilly & Co.
Ms. Josette M. Wiggins 2006 ES
Mr. Alexander J. Wilkins 2006 MGT Associate Advisory Board Company
Ms. Angela G. Williams 2006 ENG
Ms. Shirelle N.E. Wood 2006 ANTH
Ms. Jessica I. Baltazar 2007 SPLAS
Ms. Alicia S. Bonny 2007 HSCI
Mr. Glenn J. Cain, Jr. 2007 HSCI Strength & Conditioning Coach Frostburg State University
Ms. Alicia S. Carrington 2007 SOC
Mr. Vincent N. Costello, Jr. 2007 SOC Paralegal Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP
Ms. Vivian I. Ebhojiaye 2007 ECON
Mr. Stevenson B. Foote 2007 SOC
Mr. Henry H. Fulcher 2007 ARTS Central Supply Coordinator Saunders House
Ms. Princess L. Johnson 2007 HSCI
Ms. Imani L. Jones 2007 IND
Mr. Jerome F. Jones, Jr. 2007 HSCI
Ms. Tria N. Lee 2007 PSY
Ms. Satin D. Matthews 2007 ANTH
Ms. Shalandra N. Peets 2007 SOC Sales Consultant Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Ms. Alonna N. Pinkney 2007 PSY
Mr. Julius M. Redd 2007 POL
Mr. Sean M. Ridley 2007 POL
Mr. Sean C. Ross 2007 MGT
Ms. Yenylka Y. Ross 2007 AFS
Ms. Leanne C. Tyler 2007 POL
Mr. Justin M. Womack 2007 PHIL
Mr. Kyle F. Archer 2008 AFS
Ms. Kaylon L. DeMendonca 2008 CLA
Mr. Ibrahima Diallo 2008 ECON
Mr. Scott Dozier, Jr. 2008 ECON
Mr. Joseph W. Garrett, Jr. 2008 HSCI
Mr. Brook Getachew 2008 PHY
Mr. Aaron M. Hurd 2008 POL
Ms. Tyler C. Jaramillo 2008 POL
Mr. Jesse J. Jeffers 2008 AFS
Ms. Nicole D. Jenkins 2008 HSCI Assistant Director of Admissions Adelphi University
Ms. Darylevuanie T. Johnson 2008 PSY
Ms. Starsha N. Jordan 2008 SOC
Mr. Kreig M. Joseph 2008 PHIL Graduate Student/Masters of Educ. Long Island University
Mr. Anthony R. Nicholson 2008 MGT
Mr. Christopher L. Rustin 2008 PSY
Mr. Shaun S. Viechweg 2008 BIOS
Mr. Derin A. Wilson 2008 MGT Sales Representative Don Rosen Imports
Mr. Jermaine P. Alexander 2009 IND
Ms. Melissa L. Amey 2009 MGT
Mr. Kyle R. Bruntz 2009 MGT Management Development Program Marriott Vacation Club International
Mr. James A. Burkhalter 2009 ENG
Mr. Michael R. Campbell, Jr. 2009 PHIL IT Development Coordinator Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Mr. Corey V. Dorsey 2009 MGT
Mr. William J. Green 2009 AFS
Mr. Sylvester K. Gyan, Jr. 2009 ECON
Mr. Edmund C. Hardy 2009 CS Software Engineer Fry Communications, Inc.
Mr. Adrian J. Johnson 2009 CS
Ms. Jasmine Jones 2009 HSCI
Ms. Nyya L. Jones 2009 GLS
Mr. Travis B. Jones 2009 CS
Ms. Ambika D. Kirkland 2009 PSY Teacher Public School 6X, NYC Dept. of Education
Ms. Terri M. Lewis-King 2009 REL Assistant Director of Admissions Washington & Jefferson College
Mr. Jai W. Misra 2009 GLS
Ms. Ca'trish F. Pagan 2009 PHY
Ms. Meca E. Pryce 2009 REL
Ms. Calista E. Quintalti 2009 POL
Ms. Nicole A. Simmons 2009 POL
Ms. Dominique M. Volney 2009 HSCI
Mr. Sam R. Walthall 2009 ECON
Ms. Jamika A. White 2009 PSY Consumer Support Staff The Arc of Central Chesapeake Region
Ms. Erin B. Wilks 2009 THA
Ms. Hadiatou Barry 2010 ECON Teacher/Primary
Mr. Benjamin D. Boamah 2010 ECON
Ms. Latrina M. Bowman 2010 IND
Ms. Lawrese E. Brown 2010 AFS
Mr. Jhalil A. Cain 2010 ARTS
Ms. Jamillah A. Callender 2010 PSY
Ms. Christine A. Crayton 2010 GLS
Ms. Jaclynn A. Cross 2010 AFS
Ms. Lauren C. Dembo 2010 AFS
Ms. Amanda C. Geter 2010 THA
Ms. Sandra Gillot 2010 POL
Ms. Catherine E. Hagler 2010 ENGC
Mr. A. Donald Jones 2010 THA
Ms. Christina M. Laporte 2010 SOC
Mr. Ricardo E. Manigat 2010 THA
Mr. Cornell L. Martin 2010 IND Casual Staff/PT Temporary Gettysburg College
Ms. Terena C. McLorn 2010 THA
Ms. Atlang Mompe 2010 POL
Ms. Unique A. Patterson 2010 SOC Counseling
Mr. Dekonti P. Sayeh 2010 ECON
Ms. Tyreen E. Sims 2010 PSY Student Advocate Harlem Children Zone
Mr. Victor T. Smith 2010 POL Graduate Student Florida Coastal School of Law
Mr. Ryan M. Tribue 2010 AFS
Ms. Quiana D.R.Young 2010 ENGC
Mr. Austen D. Darrell 2011 AFS
Mr. Jermarco A. Bennett, Jr. 2011 AFS
Ms. Laura M. Block 2011 AFS
Ms. Katrina C. Broughton 2011 AFS
Mr. Wayne A. Chang, Jr. 2011 AFS
Ms. Aiesha S. D. Gary 2011 AFS
Mr. Justin B. Joseph 2011 AFS
Ms. Paige L. Klunk 2011 AFS
Mr. Nicholas O. Rosenberger 2011 AFS
Ms. Rachel L. Rutter 2011 AFS
Mr. Edward L. Smith 2011 AFS
Ms. Robia A. R. Smith-Herman 2011 AFS
Mr. Troy A. Taylor 2011 AFS
Ms. Kirsty Bryant-Hasler 2012 AFS / IDS
Ms. Chenequa Snell 2012 AFS
Mr. Daniel Black 2012 POL
Mr. Edward Joseph Graham 2012 OMS
Ms. Ashley Nicole Seeley 2012 PSY
Melanie D. Cooper 2013 AFS
Kirstin Giffuni 2013 ENG
Lauren Roedner 2013 HIS/AFS
Alexandra K. Milano 2014 HIS/AFS

Biankah S. Ciceron 2014 AFS/ENG