Anthropology Programs

Anthropology is the study of human societies in all their diversity through time and around the world. It is a way to explore the richness and variety of humankind and the human condition, a means to look at what people and groups share in common and at what sets them apart.

Anthropology is offered as a major and a minor.

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Anthropology Honors Program

Funding Opportunities for Anthropology Majors

The Value of an Honors Thesis with Angela Rosehart '11

An honors thesis is hard work, but it brings great rewards. Angela Rosehart '11 discusses the intellectual, personal, and professional value of undertaking an honors thesis in anthropology at Gettysburg College.

Student Profile

Paige Phillips '12 talks about what it's like to study archeology (a combination of anthropology and chemistry) at Gettysburg and what resources are available for students that want to do research.