An important benefactor of Gettysburg College's outdoor sculpture collection is Greg Islan, Class of 1970. A business administration major, he took many art classes, which he credits for instilling in him a life-long appreciation for the arts.


Martin Puryear
Sentinel, 1982
Field Stone
10'h x 8'w x 2'd
Near Pennsylvania Hall


Glenn Zweygardt
Trilogy Graces, 2000-04
Stone, Cast Glass, Bronze, Cast Iron
10'h (other dimensions variable)
Between Schmucker and Brua halls


Robert Mangold
Anemotive Kinetic 4/97, 1997
Stainless Steel
12'h x 8'diam
Between the Science Center and Masters Hall


Terry Karpowicz
Tattooed, 2004
Granite, Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze
10'h x 30"w x 40"d
Near Plank Gym


Wenda Gu
Stone Stele: Retranslation and Rewriting of Tang Poetry, 1993-2004
Stone (2/50)
75"h x 44"w x 8"d
In front of Schmucker Hall
Loan October 2004 to September 2005


Joe Mooney
Phoenix Defiant, 2006
Stainless Steel and Steel
86"h x 81"w x 30"d
Between McKnight and Pennsylvania halls

Photos by Bill Dowling