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Courses offered:
We offer four years of Japanese language instruction at Gettysburg College. Our first and second year language classes meet five days per week. Our third and fourth year classes meet three times per week. Classes are team taught in the first two years of instruction.

Our first, second, and third year classes complete two volumes of Yookoso: An Introduction to Contemporary Japanese. The fourth year class uses An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese and other supplementary materials.  Independent studies for qualified students are taught on a case-by-case basis.

We aim for proficiency in all four aspects of language learning - speaking, listening, reading and writing.  In the early years, students focus on fundamentals - grammar, the use of polite forms, and various cultural aspects necessary for communication with native Japanese speakers.  As students progress through the levels, they learn more and more kanji, and become more able to function solely in Japanese.  Upper level courses, particularly the fourth year course, are tailored to the needs and interests of the students, many of whom are returning from study abroad in Japan and hope to pursue careers and graduate work in Japanese related fields.

Japanese Language Table 
Students have the opportunity to practice casual Japanese conversation every Wednesday at noon in CUB 251. Bring your lunch.