The Biology curriculum offers a wide variety of courses and laboratory experiences, combining a strong foundation in basic biological concepts and principles with opportunities to specialize in students' areas of interest.

The broad curriculum encompasses cell biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunobiology, developmental biology, neurobiology, animal behavior, ecology, and evolution, among other fields.

Student research in collaboration with a faculty mentor is a central part of the learning experience. Students who conduct research often co-author papers with faculty and present their work to the campus or at scientific meetings. This hands-on engagement with the practice of science provides invaluable preparation for graduate school and careers in biology and related fields.

Modern scientific instrumentation supports all study and research in biology. Students use the same tools that practicing scientists use, such as electron and other specialized microscopes, ultracentrifuges and other molecular equipment, a greenhouse, environmental chambers, and other facilities and resources.

Gettysburg biology majors have an outstanding record of success in the nation's leading graduate and professional schools, in medicine, in science-related careers, and in many other fields.

The Biology Department is an active participant in the programs of the Cross-Disciplinary Science Institute.

The Biology Department offers a unique opportunity for first-year students. Find out more about the Phage Hunting Research Experience for First-Year Students.