Nursing Affiliation Agreement

Gettysburg College has a partnership for priority consideration in the application process with the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) for the following programs:

  • 4 year-13 month: Summer-Entry Accelerated Program
    • 4 years at Gettysburg College: students complete the Gettysburg Curriculum, the courses for their selected major, and the JHUSON required prerequisites
    • 13 months at JHUSON: students complete accelerated nursing coursework
    • Students receive a BA or BS degree in their selected major from Gettysburg College and a BS degree with a major in nursing from JHUSON.

For more information about these programs, please visit the JHUSON website or contact Kristi Waybright, the Health Professions Office Administrator (; 717-337-6020).

In order to be a candidate for these programs, an applicant must maintain an overall 3.20 GPA and complete the following courses with a B or better:



Gettysburg College 

 Human Anatomy and Physiology


 HS 209 and HS 210



 BIO 230



 HS 230

Human Growth and Development through the Lifespan


 PSYCH 229



 BIO 260 or MATH 107 or PSYCH
205 or HS 232