Each year, the Musselman Visiting Scientist program brings a prominent chemist to campus for an intensive series of lectures on contemporary issues in the field. The series sharpens the knowledge of students and faculty alike and creates connections with chemists at other institutions of higher learning and in industry.

Ka Yee Lee Group Photo

Professor Ka Yee C. Lee (above with students) was the Musselman Visiting Scientist for 2015-2016. Lee is a professor in the Department of Chemistry, the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics, and the James Franck Institute. She has served as Director of the University’s National Science Foundation funded Materials Research Science and Engineering Center and is currently the Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board for the University of Chicago Center in Hong Kong. Dr. Lee is very involved with undergraduate teaching and strongly supports undergraduate research. She teaches general chemistry and physical chemistry courses at the College and a Biophysical Chemistry course at the graduate level. Her laboratory routinely includes undergraduate as well as high school researchers.

Ka Yee Lee Group Photo with Faculty

Dr. Ka Yee C. Lee (above) with Chemistry Department Faculty.  Front Row (from left to right) - Dr. Joseph Grzybowski, Dr. Kathleen Cao, Dr. Ka Yee C. Lee, Dr. Timothy Funk and Dr. Michael WedlockBack Row (from left to right) - Dr. William Parker, Dr. Donald Jameson, Dr. Shelli Frey and Dr. Lucas Thompson.

Past Musselman Visiting Scientists

History of the Musselman Visiting Scientists program