History of the Musselman Visiting Scientist Program

The Musselman Company was founded in 1907 by C.H. Musselman in Biglerville, Pa. In 1941 the Musselman Foundation was created out of company profits to provide funds for numerous projects in the local area. Among these have been gifts to Gettysburg College, which have been responsible for the construction of Musselman Stadium, Library, and Dormitory as well as for scholarships and grants.

Much of this support was provided under the auspices of John A. Hauser, who joined the Musselman Company in 1934. In 1944, upon the death of C.H. Musselman, Hauser became the president of the Musselman Company and the Musselman Foundation. A resident of Biglerville for nearly 50 years until his death in April 1983, Hauser was an active civic leader and supporter of Gettysburg College activities.

Hauser's friendship with the late Dr. John B. Zinn, Professor of chemistry and chair at Gettysburg College from 1924 to 1959, resulted in the Musselman Endowment for Visiting Scientists. A gift of $25,000 in 1977 and 1978 "in honor of Dr. Zinn" formed the Endowment, the income from which is used each year to support visits by well-known chemists who share their expertise with faculty and students. During the period of the resource person's visit an intensive lecture series on a topic of current interest is presented. The chemistry staff and junior and senior majors attend the talks as "students". The series sharpens the knowledge of participants and increases contacts with chemists from universities and from industry.