Study Abroad & Archaeology

Classics majors are encouraged to spend a semester in Europe. Gettysburg offers three College-approved affiliated programs of special interest to those studying classics:

  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome offered through the Central Pennsylvania Consortium in conjunction with Duke University.
  • College Year in Athens focuses upon the history and civilization of ancient, Byzantine or modern Greece and the East Mediterranean region. Students can choose a one- or two-semester program.
  • American School of Classical Studies in Athens offers summer sessions for Gettysburg students. The program is made available through the Central Pennsylvania Consortium.
  • Advanced Studies in England
    The Bath program has a long tradition of Classical language and literature tutorials, which can be tailor-made to suit the academic interests and requirements of individual students, the majority of which are taught in Oxford. Students are also able to take seminars in the history and archaeology of Britain under Rome.

To learn more about these and other opportunities, visit Gettysburg College's Center for Global Education