All students interested in a jazz focus must perform all of the audition requirements listed under their specific instrument as well as the requirements found on this page.

Etude Book: Jazz Conception by Jim Snidero (Advance Music/Kendor)

  • All auditionees (except drum set) - perform two major scales and two Dorian modes across a two-octave range chosen from keys up to four sharps and flats (swing eighth notes at quarter note = 140). 


  • perform the etude ROSE from Jazz Conception
  • improvise one chorus on ROSE changes and two choruses of F concert Blues. 
  • perform a second selection of your choice.
  • sight read a short piece.

Piano and Guitar

  • Comp changes on the etude GROOVE BLUES from Jazz Conception.
  • Perform a second selection of your choice that includes improvisation.
  • sight read an etude.


  • Walk two choruses of F concert Blues in a moderate swing style.
  • perform the etude A DOLL from Jazz Conception using  two beat and four beat walking patterns.
  • Improvise one chorus of GROOVE BLUES from Jazz Conception.
  • perform a second selection of your choice.
  • sight read a short piece.

Drum Set                                                                       

  • demonstrate four styles -- moderate swing, Bossa Nova, ballad, and funk.
  • perform a four bar fill in a moderate swing style.
  • sight read an moderate swing jazz etude.

To schedule an audition or an interview with faculty members please contact Diane MacBeth (or 717-337-6131). For all other inquiries regarding the music program and audition requirements, please contact Dr. Teresa Bowers (or 717-337-6134).