Orchestra Tour

In January 2012, the Gettysburg College Symphony Orchestra went on its first tour in over twenty years. This historic trip took us to Baltimore, Philadelphia and a variety of other locations throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania. All in all, we gave five concerts over the course of three days, in venues ranging from high schools to Goucher College's Kraushaar Auditorium. We also attended a concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra; this was preceded by a private pre-concert discussion with musicians and staff members from the Orchestra.

(Video and article from the Baltimore Sun of the Dulaney High School visit on January 19th.)

Touring is an essential part of ensemble life at Gettysburg College, one that exposes thousands of new audience members to Gettysburg College's strong performing arts tradition. Touring also strengthens bonds between ensemble members and sharpens their performance skills. If you would like to contribute financially to the Orchestra's touring activities, we would be grateful for your help. To make a gift, visit www.gettysburg.edu/onlinegiving, and make sure to specify "Orchestra Tour" along with your donation.