Alumni Profile: Brian Denu ’13 hired as the label manager for Altissimo! Recordings

Brian Denu ’13 has recently been hired as the label manager for Altissimo! Recordings, a division of Naxos. Denu, who double-majored in music and physics while at Gettysburg College, is ecstatic to be working at Altissimo!. He moved to Nashville to start the position at the end of October.    

As the label manager, Denu’s job entails two chief components. First, he’ll be asked to come up with new ideas for CD compilations. The business is centered around military music, which is all public domain. His responsibilities include gathering military recordings into new and creative compilations that are marketable to those with a vested interest in military music. He will also assist military bands featured in the compilations with publicity through the company's CD promotions. Second, he’ll administer the company’s website and blog.

“I feel very fortunate to have received this job offer, especially since my main interest in music was the marching band and wind symphony,” Denu said.

According to Denu, this job will not only allow him to pursue his interests in band and music in a different way, but it will also be a great networking tool for an aspiring composer looking eventually to attend graduate school for composition.