National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) Student Voice Auditions

Each year the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), the largest professional association of voice instructors in the world, sponsors regional voice competitions, where students perform and receive written critiques about their performances. We are proud of the extraordinary success of our students as winners and semi-finalists.

Recent winners have included:

  • 2011 Winners: Matt Giallongo, Christina Kay
  • 2010 Winners: Laura Bembridge, Aaron Donnachie, Chelsea Bucklin, Angela Hartman, Rachel Lovelidge, Madeline Gondek
    • Semi-Finalists: Sarah Swann, Alexandra Clint, Anna Lipowitz
  • 2009 Winners: Christina Kay, Laura Bembridge, Shane Swink, Valerie Borgstrom
    • Semi-Finalists: Allison Mion, Emily Orofino, Amanda Drahos
  • 2008 Winners: Ben Sasnett, Katie Stickney, Laura Bembridge, Christina Kay
    • Semi-Finalists: Megan Snyder, Melissa Weisbach, Sarah Swann, Sara Smigen, Valerie Borgstrom
  • 2007 Winners: Emily Orofino, Devin Johnson
    • Semi-Finalists: Megan Snyder, Ben Sasnett, Kate Anderson, Elizabeth Patterson, Rebecca Brandow

The Sunderman Conservatory Concerto Competition

The Sunderman Conservatory Concerto Competition is held annually in March. It is open to music majors and members of the Sunderman Conservatory Orchestra.

  • Concerti can be for single soloists or multiple soloists.
  • Students may also audition with arias, concert songs, and song cycles.

The committee for the competition reserves the right to choose one, several, or no winners. The winner(s) perform in concert with the Sunderman Conservatory Orchestra during the next year's concert season.

Winners are acknowledged at the annual Conservatory Awards Tea in April.

For more information, visit the Concerto Competition main page.

The Janet C. Stavropoulos, Class of 1967, Bow Prize Competition

The Janet C. Stavropoulos, Class of 1967, Bow Prize Competition is open to all string players at Gettysburg College. The competition allows string players to work with a master bow maker who will design a personal bow for the winner.

  • The competition requires 15 minutes from the solo repertoire (with piano accompaniment if the music demands it).
  • Individual studio teachers will advise students on the appropriate level of work for this competition.

The Bow Prize competition allows students to learn the intricacies of the art of bow making and to understand the different variety of timbres each bow can produce.

The next competition will take place in Spring 2011.