Sandy Ressler, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Giving CS Talk Oct. 10th

Sandy Ressler, NIST

Computer Science Dept. Colloquium

Thursday, October 10th, 11:30 a.m.

West Building, Room 114

Declarative 3D Graphics for the Web, Integrating X3DOM, jQuery, WebGL and HTML5

The benefits of declarative 3D markup, as realized by X3DOM will be emphasized in the context of integration with web pages. First we will look at the structure of markup languages in particular X3D (briefly); several methods of using jQuery to affect the geometry in a scene (after an introduction to jQuery); creation and modification of typical web-based user interface elements; and finally a small set of examples will be fully explored giving attendee the framework to put useful 3D content into their web pages with fully functional interactive web (HTML5) elements. Finally the relationship of declarative graphics to WebGL will be discussed and demonstrated.

Sandy Ressler

High Performance Computing and Visualization Group

National Institute of Standards and Technology