Marcin Malec ’13 defeats international competitors, earns bronze at Computer Olympiad in Japan

In mid-August, Gettysburg College alumnus Marcin Malec ’13 earned a bronze medal at the Computer Olympiad in Yokohama, Japan. The Olympiad, hosted by the International Computer Games Association, pitted Marcin against five other skilled competitors in The Game of the Amazons, an abstract strategy game.

Malec was introduced to Amazons through a course taught by Computer Science Prof. Todd Neller during the spring semester of 2012. In the course, CS 391—Selected Topics, students explored game artificial intelligence and later created Amazons players to battle Neller’s basic sparring bot.

Although each student was ultimately conquered by Neller’s player, one Gettysburgian was determined for a rematch. Driven to defeat his professor, Malec discovered new ways to improve his Amazons player. His dedication led to a victory in round two and spurred a senior capstone course.

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